Redcatpig 3 years milestone

Redcatpig 3 years milestone

For the majority, it is a modest achievement, but for us at Redcatpig it is a heroic deed. Three years ago in September, three Azorean guys started this wild journey of shifting their skills toward the game development industry.

As a side note: we did not know how to make games at the time.
It was ground zero for us, a risky move then.

Settled our name as Redcatpig after extensive team deliberation, to say the least, and announced it to the world. Looking back and remembering what took place in the past is overwhelming. Today, not only we're still here, we have 20 plus outstanding individuals on our team and have joined several projects in addition to KEO (our first IP) to be fully released soon.

But wait, there’s more! We are getting ready to launch a brand-new gaming studio in Madeira island pretty soon, within the Madeira eGames Lab consortium. Not too shabby, huh?

Yes, we are happy and not afraid to show it!
Looking forward to the next three years.
Congratulations Redcatpig team.

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