Today marks a full year since our Early Access release of KEO

Today marks a full year since our Early Access release of KEO

Today marks a full year since our Early Access release of KEO. It’s been an eventful year, with the expected ups and downs that come with releasing a video game, and if there’s one thing we haven’t taken for granted in this year, it’s player feedback.

Even though we’ve been modest with updates in the past few months, we’ve been hard at work to improve KEO using everyone's feedback. So with that, we’d like to announce what we’ve been up to for the past few months:

Change to a nextgen networking technology.

We’re rewriting KEO: Previously developed using a client authoritative approach (PUN) to using Photon’s nextgen deterministic game engine Quantum!

By rewriting the game in Quantum, KEO will have the best possible multiplayer/networked physics experience, bots, cheat protection and improved performance (we heard you, Ereene!). Improved aspects you can expect from our rework are:
  • Improved Physics (100% accurate networked physics!): Better driving physics, improved collisions vs other players and other physics objects in map.
  • Improved Combat Feedback: Better combat feel: weapon recoil physics, knockback on hits, improved feedback when hitting your target and when getting hit.
  • Bots/AI: Go in against bots from the get go, or have AI take over players that drop out (players can reconnect and gain control of their vehicle again).

Damage Types/Resistances: Each vehicle now has different damage resistances, and each weapon now has damage types associated with them, giving an extra layer of complexity when making your build.

Modules: Apart from choosing weapons, players will be able to add modules to their vehicles/weapons, changing aspects like cooldown time, fire rate, damage, etc.

More Game Modes/Maps: We will be adding more game modes, both multiplayer and singleplayer to the game.


Keep all your progress from Early Access:
Don’t worry, anything you’ve unlocked will still be there for you in this new and improved version!We’ll be keeping you all posted on the progress and we hope this gets you excited for what’s to come!

To wrap this up, we’d like to say thank to our wonderful KEO community, our Seekers, and everybody else that has been sticking with us this whole time, giving us feedback, asking about the game and making Dexter lose, posting f*’d up looking cars in our Discord memes channel, and just overall keeping us company. We’re incredibly grateful!

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