We are always hiring

We are always hiring

Redcatpig is always hiring!
Are you a game developer without a nest?
We are hiring for all positions related to videogames making.

Redcatpig is based in the Azores, but we are reaching out to Madeira island as well.

And… ok, if you really insist on the option of working naked, remote work is also a way but wear a shirt for video calls at the very least.

Are you having second thoughts and feeling like a free bird forever?
Watch our video to learn more about our corporate culture, perks, and benefits.

Join our squad now (before someone else takes your place):

Watch Ronaldo's job interview for Redcatpig

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Tell us what you need.

It doesn’t matter if you want to sell a product, a service or even teach. We believe in the power of gamification so don’t be shy.